white formal midi dress

Love regained

Yet another foggy morning in mumbai falling down and ghosty human shapes were crossing and passing by without much care ,periodically silence broken by the ebbs in sea striking with shore in force and joggers were on the road with ear phone inserted least care about the present and lost in virtual world!

As usual Charsma had mental clock alarming and she just changed her posture ,hair strands around her forehead were dancing and looking to the cell phone, she gradually raised in her bed for yet another day of struggle in metro but she was happy with her starmaker 's world where someone inquisitively waiting to give all ears to her syrupy colabs!
In nature very optimistic and ever helping Charishma was swinging on swing of deep ghoughts about her passion,her unfulfilled dreams and how most ugly monotony of routine n unsupported stance of her own inflicting stress on her.Throwing those cocoon of thoughts she just got up from bed and engaged herself in singing with a view to take those negativity out of her mental door!
Hurriedly she completed her morning rituals and prepared breakfast then found statues in chair to whom she served breakfast and mechanically it was completed without any verbal exchange!
In he'd room she changed her dress looking into mirror only silent friend reflecting her beautifully with silky long arms ,tattooed hand,rosy red chicks with well shaped nose and pearly lips ,long neck slipping in to Valley between two beautiful soft mounds disappearing in slippery slope meeting magnificent bow shape back! She had a steer at mirror on her fantastic shapes and curves usually she revealed in all poems of Krish!
Oh ! it was almost 10 o'clock and she took her lunch box and hurriedly head for clinic,throwing like a subtle cock from but to train and vice versa but only solace was her chat with Chris was enough to charge her mental battery to gust up her loin for indefinite chorus of the day!
Entering in her office,she checked all calls and appointments of clients for the day and calling Anamika her receptionist instructed her for work assignment thus dat initiated for ambitious charisma!At 1.00 pm a phone rang on reception enquiring about Karishma for appointment ,the receptionist transferred the call to Charishma and she took it in her ever smiling gesture.Mam,this is Arun speaking from Aradhna Music studio, if u can help me for refurbishing my face I wish to visit you that bloomed her face as if desert receives a spring !Musical tunes again started in her mind cstasically and thinking for Arun a renowned music director visiting her.Holding her heart she was waiting by lighting the lamp of hope in her heart ! white formal midi dress
It was almost 1.00pm and Charishma heard knock on door ,a curly hair gentleman entered with a smile and Charisma also greeted vice versa.
Well I m Arun you know me well in the world of music and Charishma nodded impressively.After listening his skin problem Karishma penned a prescription but inside her was looming out to tell about her passion.Arun read her back of mind ask if she wished to tell any thing about music.Yes sir,you have rightly predicted I wanted to say about myself,my passion of singing, my dreams and she opened out like a rushing water fall.Arun requested her to sing a line of any song and Karishma's musical soul fully expressing melodiously sang a song applauded by Arun and appreciated.
If you don't mind Karishma, I would like to say something about your singing knick which requires some polishing and you would be on the seventh heaven of music then he gave some vital tips to charisma and ask if she is interested to make a career in music scopes are open handedly inviting her to go for her unfulfilled dreams.You have plenty of possibilities you may carve out as anchor, stage Singer, playback Singer, RJ, DJ etc !
I would like you to take at my studio just to see all actives with that conversations Arun left the clinic and Charishma was yes in thinking den,Manorama receptionist came and pierced her thinking cocoon Hey mam where you were lost !
When night slowly took possession of time with her power and people surrendered her, it was solitude and silence when Karishma chatted with Krish about her appointment with Arun and how he was impressed with her singing skill and tips given to her.Krish was so delighted and supported if she is really interested in shaping career.
Timed passed like stormy wind blew away many things along including memories and remains are sighs and sorrows of past experiences.Abruptly Charishma stopped singing on star maker and disappeared from the scene that made Krish unhappy with surrounding intense agony lost the interest from singing and started writing graphic postures in memory of Karishma.
Days were passing like dear running while hunter behind and Krish was trying to find whereabouts of Charisma even checked at her clinic found that she resigned from job quite before sometimes.
Unbearable are those moments of separation from someone you love, someone who takes your care ,person who communicates with you n support on any cause, a traveler who is always hand in hand directing you, someone who says come on say All is well!
Suddenly an ocean of sweet love Krish getting dried, smile on his face evaporated permanently, a blooming flower started driving up, gloom was lost from his smily face ,black circles took over possession surrounding his affable eyes.

Eyes lost all wetness of love and dried weary face marred by aging started withering day by day.

The scenario was quite romantic on back stage of talent hunt program started by Arun which became attraction of all youth.Charisma in her rosy red attire looking gorgeous while reading script of the program and Arun was relaxing with a cigar in armchair giving direction to Charisma for the program.

Waking up for long time in nights and staging plethora of programmes, bearing blunts of unwanted touches sometimes facing steers of those lust filled people Charisma was suffocating herself but her career consciousness and acquiring praises of people masking all evils and she was with some deep breaths ignoring however her spirit was not coherent with her act!

Wedded with aloofness,Krish was least interested with any activities except sometimes while smoking in stressful stats he used to write few lines but his hand were not coordinating and pen unsteadily used to fall on ground !Weakness caressed him and heart got feeble with breathing problems.

Whole opening the door of his house filled of sorrow, Krish found an invitation for a judge in singing talent program -Voice of India and his face got a glow momentarily few tunes of song just came to his lips but turned back.

All stage was set for vouce of India, Sanmungam hall was packed with audience and participants.All dignities and galaxies of legendry were flocking in front raw and Krish also took his position as judge after honored by the organiser.
Pin drop silent followed by a melody maker voice initiated behind the screen ,good eve ladies n gentlemen , we were waiting eagerly for talent hunt program is now few steps away I am Charsma to present you this music filled evening enjoyed!

The curtain shook and gradually opened and Krish whose heart missed a beat ,suddenly all past memories raised in his mind making him restless and pen tumbled on his hand, perspiration started but he held self and passed a glimpse on Charisma who was quite astonished but heartrending impact on her face we she saw Krish in his helpless situation. Tears veiled in her eyes but masked it somehow and restrained herself for taking up role as anchor.

Somehow the curtain was down and Karishma in her intense ecstacy with pain down the spine almost run down the stage and supported unbalanced Krish with great affinity and empathy.In deep dried eyes of Krish felt the lost wetness of fereverent love and took Karishma in caress.whole past roled back and both lost in ocean of intense joy where Krish got lost support of his love and Karishma a pious love filled touch which soothed her heart and soul.Both lost in each others arms who cares for the time !

Story by Dr.Hemendra Joshi