wedding selections of chiffon fabric

Folkwear Of Assam

The traditional dresses of Assam mainly include the Mekhela-Chadar for women and Dhoti-Gamosa for men. The costume for women and men are mostly made of Golden-Silk Fiber or Muga, Silk or Paat and Cotton or Kopahi.

The Mekhela – Chadar, Sarees are made of delicate design and exceptional patterns and embroideries as per the traditional norms. Now -a -days many Muga artists are involved in creating unique designs using different colors in Muga along with the traditional colors like green, red, yellow and blue. The Bridal wear is also decorated with Golden and Silver thread to give a gorgeous look on her wedding day. The hub Silk Production – Sualkuchi, offers a number of variety of Silk threads like Eri, White Paat and Golden Paat. wedding selections of chiffon fabric

The Assamese men usually wear a Dhuti and Kurta along with the Gamosa during the special occasion and festivals. During the Bohag Bihu, the Bihua (Male Dancer) tie a gamocha around their head and waist and usually wear a Muga Kurta along with the Dhuti.