silver and grey wears for prom party

Trust me, giving a kind advice is the best thing to do.

The other day I was in the masjid with a group of older arab women. Then an indian woman walks inside with a shalwar kameez and the top was just below her elbows exposing the part between her wrist and elbow. The hijab was just around the neck and her dressing looked very odd to all of us.
The women who were with me started saying things like "look at her, is that how you dress" blabla
I quietly walked upto her after she finished her salah and told her "could you please come with me at the back, I wanna have a word with you" and she did.
I told her that I saw her praying in inappropriate clothes and that I just thought of advising her. This entire time while talking to her I had a very low tone and smiley expression. I then told her that she is my sister in islam and I love her for the sake of Allah and just advising for that sake. silver and grey wears for prom party
She took it in a very positive way and said that she will surely be careful on her dresscode next time as she was advised so beautifully.
We then exchanged numbers, became good friends and soon will have a meetup at her house.

People will remember your kind advise for life. Be gentle in your words if you really want people to improve.

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How not to advise someone!

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