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1. You always visit your man's house during late hours of the night. Visiting your man's house is not bad. But visiting your man's house during the late hours of the night increases the risk that he may ask you to sleep over in his house. And when that happens, you may not have the nerves to say no if he insists. The best thing to do is, don't visit your man's house during the late hours of the night. Go to his house when you can comfortably see him and go back to your house without sleeping over in his house.
2. You always sleep alone with your man. When two young people of the opposite sex sleep alone on the same bed, there is going to be a spark of chemistry among them especially if they have feelings for each other. You are not a firewood. So don't give the devil an opportunity to tempt you. Don't sleep alone with your boyfriend in the same bed unless there is no other place you can sleep when you go to his house and the need arises for you to sleep over. Make sure you can trust his spiritual maturity and moral standard with proofs before both of you can sleep together.
3. You always center your discussion with him around sex.
When you are with your man and all your discussion centers around sex, he will not fail to ask you for sex now or later. Let your communication with him be healthy and reasonable any time you are alone with your man. Remember that there is a spirit behind every spoken word. When you feed each other with lustful words, you are injecting the Spirit of Lust into each other and the end product of the so called romantic talk will be asking for sex verbally or by touching. Be wise.
4. Because you make yourself his wife before marriage. If you assume the role of a wife to a man who has not paid your bride price, nothing stops that man from asking you for sex. He doesn't even know the road that leads to your father's house, yet you cook his meals, wash all his clothes and even his underwears. What else remains for you to become a full house wife? There is nothing wrong in doing those things for a man you love but it must begin when he has legally married you and brought you into his house.
5. Because you cohabit with a man who has not paid your bride price.
When you pack your belongings and run into a man's house to live with him when the man has not paid your bride price, you have given the man a license to ask you for sex. Don't cohabit with your man, live in your parents house until you are legally married. And if you don't have parents to live with, go live in your church or with your sister in Christ. It is better than living together with a man who has not paid any dime on your head.
6. Because you allow him to kiss you too much and touch you anyhow he likes. As a relationship Expert and marriage counselor, I have seen some foolish things many Singles do. Some ladies will tell you, "Pastor, we didn't have sex, we only had romance". What is different from sex and romance? If the guy has seen all your breasts, fumbled, squeezed and sucked them as if his mother starved him of breakmilk when he was a baby, what will stop him from asking you for sexual intercourse since you have already opened your treasure for him. If you don't want your man to ask you for sex before marriage, please keep all the kissing, petting, romance and sex till your wedding night.
6. Because you easily break your firewall and fall blindly for love. Ib you are easily swept off your feet any time you hear, " I love you baby" from a guy, it will become very easy for men to ask you for sex before marriage. You don't need to play hard to get for any man. You don't need to be rude or arrogant. But you must have high self esteem and respect for your feminine fecundity. Any man who comes around you must notice from the way you dress, walk, talk and do things that you are not the kind of woman any man can flatter easily in the name of love. You should believe in love, but you should not fall for blind and stupid love.
7. If you are a party girl who loves to drink alcohol, dance seductive dance and flirt around with men, you will not fail to see any man who comes on your way for relationship asking you for sex. Because by their fruit we shall know them. Don't make guys take you to be a bad girl when you are not. Even as a man, I don't drink alcohol. Why then will a woman like you finish five bottles of Gulder, Stout, or Star in the presence of your boyfriend and expect Him not to ask you for sex when you get home? If you make your boyfriend to believe that you are a bad girl, he will ask you to do what a bad girl does with her body. Be wise. Change your attitude. Be a good girl and you will not be a victim of fake love centered on sex. Receive grace to position yourself well for marriage. God bless you. short length wedding garments with lace