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Every good constructor make a good and strong or firm foundation before he set up a building.In order to maintain his good name or his reputation to win more favor before man,he always go for quality materials to set up every building and at the end,his goal is achieved.Perhaps,that's how Christians are but we are lucky that,the foundation which is Christ is already there and we are building on Him.In Matt 25:1-13 about the ten virgins,we realized there are some similarities among them,they all bear the same name,the ten virgins in many versions,they all had the same goal to meet the bridegroom,they all had a lamp with initial oil which is the Spirit of God,they all slept and woke up at the same time after hearing the voice of the coming of the groom but something divided them into two groups,wise and fools.The first five who are wise took additional oil because they didn't know the time the groom will come so they made a thorough preparation but unfortunately for the remaining five,they didn't think of that and after the late coming of the groom,their lamps were off and they couldn't get the chance to meet him.What lesson are we taking from this parable as Christians in this end time?In Matt 7:21-23,Christ said something there which is a strong warning to all those who called themselves Christians.Not all those who say Lord Lord shall inherit the kingdom but those who do the will of God.This massage is familiar to many Christians and we always quote it but have we think about it carefully?My brethren,especially those of us who are in the cities,maybe you need to take a bus before you reach your church location,think of the numerous transportations you have been paying,the tithes and offering you have been returning,look at the amount you pay during harvest,the numerous Camp meetings you have partake and convention or Crusades you have been part of,the morning,evening and afternoon services you have been part of,fasting and prayers,all nights and half night,evangelisms and a whole lot,so are you going to allow all these in vain?You are faithful in all these but there's something hidden that you need to say all to Jesus I surrender all but it seems you are not ready,that Satan property is difficult for you to leave behind,so you are in the church,very active in all activities but spiritually,God doesn't know you as part of His kingdom
To be continued,God richly bless you for reading
Christ went on in Matt 7:24-27 about two people who set up their buildings.A similar to the ten virgins,they all had their materials and put up their structure and completed it but when the rains,together with the flood and the wind came,we realized that,one fell,the other remains due to the foundation that both started with.The one that remains built on Christ and the other that fell built on other way round. My brethren,I have two questions to ask,is Christ our foundation,and what are our building materials?What title are we bearing before God,are we wise or fools?We are in the church as followers of Christ but our deeds are different,what are in the world today can also be seen in the church,I mean what the worldly people are doing,the same as Christians but when we get into the church on Saturday's and Sunday's,we behave like angels before God,so whom are we deceiving?Look at how we dress to church today,now worshipping God in truth and spirit(Joh 4:23-24)is no more but beauty contest in the church.All sort of makeups,all sort of Brazilian and Italian hairs,wigs,bleaching,eyelashes,eyebrow, eagle nails and so on,complete Jezebel descendants or harlots.And we are not ready to do away with them(Rev 2:20-23) because we want people to see us as mere Christians all because we belong to a certain church and see us as sheep's.But inwardly we are Satan agents and children in God's house, wolf with sheep skin(1 John 3:9-10).And the guys too on the other hand,all sort indiscipline haircut,skinny and all that(Isa 5:20)in God's house,do we even know the God we are worshipping?Isa 6:1-6,Rev 1:12-16,Rev 4 and 5,read there to see the magnificence of God but we go before Him with full of indiscipline and indecent dressing,that's why judgment will start from those in God's house(1 Pet 4:17-18).To bring my sermon to an end,am asking again,what are our building materials?1 Corin 3:10-17,as I said earlier,the foundation which is Christ is already there and we are building on Him,some are using gold,silver,precious stones,wood,hay,stubble and every man's work shall be made manifest,for the day shall declare it,because it shall be revealed by fire,and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.Am not here to point out your sin because you know it yourself and it too painful and pathetic that,many Christians are like Matt 23:27-28.My brethren,look at how scared we become when thunder flash during raining,most of us even shout"Jesus" for the fears of how dangerous it was,God's wrath coming on sinners is above that.Let's repent fully and accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior because the time is near(Eccl 12:13-14.Isa 66:15-16) royal purple bridesmaid dresses
Lift up the trumpet
and loud let it ring
Jesus is coming again
Cheer up,ye pilgrims,be joyful and sing
Jesus is coming again
Coming again,coming again
Jesus is coming again.
How shall we stand in that great day?
Let's think about it brethren before it's too late.