mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves

**Updating with how to earn ribbons/what cosplay to find me in!

So excited!! I’ll be at ALA all weekend long! Tomorrow I won’t be in cosplay, but I will be wearing my CC cosplay on Friday (I’ll be in a wedding dress) and I’ll be in my Shuvi one at some point in the weekend lol mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves

Final Dead Lancer: Name one of the many ways Lancer dies (look up the episode on YouTube if you want “Final Dead Lancer”)

ASCHENTE : Let’s play a game! It can be anything! I’ll try to keep a deck of cards on me at all times. If you win, you get the ribbon!

The Knight in the Area: For soccer fans/players! Tell me how much you love this sport!

Magical Girl: Be dressed as a magical girl or tell me why you deserve to be a magical girl.

CC IS BEST WAIFU: Find me in my CC cosplay and declare your undying love for me! Lol or openly renounce/trash your current waifu ~

**I’m also open to trades