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My classmate, Dino, is a healthy guy in his 20. Yet, he never had a girlfriend, touched girls nor even get excited when girls are around. He is not a gay. The thing is, Dino just hate girls. Reasons behind it? I don't know. It is one of the biggest mystery in my life. midi cocktail dress

That's why, before our graduation as senior high school, I made a bet with my friends. I need to make this guy excited to me, and if that's happen, my four friends will give me 20$ each. So four times twenty equals 80$. I really need to win this bet!

The operation starts when I visited his apartment. Dino lives alone and it will be a great opportunity to flirt with him.

I knocked on his door. ~Tuk tuk tuk~ "Anyone here?!"

He opened the door right away. And so I saw him wearing a plain blue shirt and gray short. It is my first time seeing him in his casual clothes. His eyes scanned me from head to toe.

Of course, I wore mini dress to reveal my legs. Also, I wore red lipstick to emphasize sexiness. I bet no guy would resist me.

"Why are you here?" He asked in calm tone as he scratches his nape.

My jaw automatically dropped as I see his calm reaction after scanning my appearance. WHAT THE HELL! A GUY LIKE HIM REALLY DO EXIST!

Still in awe, I answered him in stuttered manner, "A-Ah, I heard that you have a cold. That's why I came to visit my classmate. Ha ha. Tada! Surprise!"

He blinked.

For seconds, we had an awkward staring contest.

"We are not even close," he broke the silence with these cold lines.

I clenched my fist, urging to swing it in the air and punch this ungrateful guy in front of me. But because money is more powerful than my stupid pride, I wiped those thoughts away and forged a smile instead.

"Y-Yeah. We are not close. But aren't you touch that a classmate like me took a time just to visit you?"

Dino yawned, showing no interest to any words I've said. "Oh I see. Thanks. You can go home." And then he is about to close that door!

So I stopped him from closing the door. "NO! MY 80 DOLLARS!" I slipped out from my tongue.

Oh damn!

"80 dollars?" he asked.


"I-I mean, m-my brother asked me to lend him 80 dollars. Ha ha ha, when I am in panic, I always shouted those words."

What kind of excuse is this?! Only fools would believe it!

"Ah, really? That was too bad," he responded.


He isn't just a simple-minded. He is also easy to fool.

"I am a guest, r-right? I think it is okay if I come in and drink some juice or coffee?" I offered.

"Okay. Come in."

He turned back and I punched my arms in air while wearing evil smile.

Yes! The mission 50% success!

I followed him inside and locked the door. As I walked to his sofa, I tucked my hair behind my back so that my neck would be expose. Guys love pretty neck right?

"What drinks do you like?" he asked, walking towards the kitchen.

"Orange juice," I answered as I looked around.

His apartment is perfect for a single guy who lives by himself. The decoration itself shows that he is simple minded. Anyway, every corner is precisely cleaned. In fact his apartment is cleaner than my own room. Shame on me huh!

He went back, sat beside me and put a glass of orange juice above the center table. "Have your juice."

"Ah yeah. T-Thanks." I took a sip on it.

Now what?!

I should start my plan.

"Ahem," I forged a cough. "So, do you have any girlfriend right now? Ahmm, I mean, you let me, a girl, went inside your apartment. I am afraid someone will get angry." I crossed my legs and let my white legs exposed.

I saw his eyes automatically went down to my bare legs. That's it! Get excited! Holds me! And my mission will be a success!

"I don't have a girlfriend. Even if I do, I don't see what's wrong of letting you came inside my apartment." Dino looked away and yawned again.

What the...

My legs won't work?!

I need to use another method.

"A-Ah, I see. Ugh, it is so cold outside. Do you think my lips look dry?"

When his eyes glanced on my lips, I licked the corner it. "Dry right?" I asked before biting it seductively.

"You are wearing a lipstick. I don't know if it is dry. For me, your lips look like Mcdonald's. Ah also, because you bit your lips, the red lipstick stuck on your teeth. Wipe it off."

I freeze.

I blinked.

Before I wiped my teeth and gritted it.

What's wrong with this guy?!

I only have one chance left.


If I kiss him and he kissed back, that means success.

"Dino, I think you are sweating." I pointed his face, and leaned closer.

Dino slightly moved away as I continue in leaning closer, making a smaller distance between us, as much as possible.

"Don't move. I'll wipe it for you," I whispered in husky tone.

I cupped his cheek and leaned more closer, leaving two inches apart. My eyes went from his eyes, down to his nose and to his moist lips.



He is handsome.

As I observe his face closely, I think he looks cute, and sexy at the same time.

"Hey," he said that echoed inside my ears.

His warm breath brushes in my lips, and it made me gulped.

~ba dump badump ba dump~

My heart suddenly beats faster.

W-What is happening to me?

Why am i being like this?

Why I am getting nervous?


"You are the one who is sweating. Your face looks red too. You okay?" he asked.

Sh*t I can't breathe!

I quickly moved away and accidentally bumped the glass of juice. The juice spilled on my dress and it woke me up.

"Ah cold!" I shouted, trying to wipe the stain on my dress.

"L-Let me help you," he tried to help.


"Stop!" I shouted.

He stopped and blinked.

"D-Don't touch me. I-I can handle it. Let me borrow the bathroom."

I stood up and dashed towards the bathroom, finding air to breathe and clenching my chest.

What is happening to me?

I looked at myself in front of the bathroom's wide mirror and saw my face burning in red.

"T-This is not right. I should go home," I mumbled.

But my dress got all stained! I can't walk around like this. When my eyes went around, I saw one of his shirt. Found it! His shirt is bigger than my dress. I took of my dress and wore his shirt instead.

All good!

I opened the door, looking down. "L-Let me borrow your shirt. I can't walk outside using my dress. Besides this is bigger than I expected. Is it okay to--"

My eyes met him.

Dino eyes are wide opened.

And his cheeks are all red.

He tilted his head, as he covered his reddened cheeks using his right hand. "W-Why are you wearing my shirt? Y-You can't go out wearing only that. I-I... ugh." He bit his lower lip and I know he is panicking.

Dino... is blushing and getting flustered when he saw me wearing his shirt. So this is his weakness.

That means, I won the bet right?

However, the bet is not important right now.

Because for some reasons...

I want to saw this side of him... in the future.

I want more of this.

I want him getting excited over me.


Cause I started to feel something...over this weird guy.