light pink colored items to wear of the prom

Since so many of you have asked, here is a partial list of things and people that I disrespect: People from Orange County California; people who are proud that they can 'sometimes' find the Big Dipper; everything pit bull; everything beauty shop set, colored and curled; Chambers of Commerce; nurse practitioners; prom drinks; people who declaw cats; goth misfits; tweeters; tweakers; control freaks; motorized vehicles in my forest; cattle ranchers in the arid West; pretend-to-be veterans pretending to be bikers; comicon dress-up boneheads; people in Iowa who think that their primary election is important, (Kick it back three days and it would be as meaningless as North Dakota); Men who use the word poop, (they should be castrated or already have been). Enough for now, but I've got many more, ask me. light pink colored items to wear of the prom # wickedmeantonight