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- Not all hausas are muslims
- Not all igbos are catholics
- Not all muslims are terrorists
- Not all Igbos love money
- Not all girls go to Italy for prostitution
- Not all politicians are corrupt
- Not all Tomboys are lesbian
- Not all Ebiras are aggressive
- Not all kenyans are dark and skinny
- Not all guys from warri are sharp
- Not all girls that dress semi-nude are sluts
- Not all guys jilt
- Not all girls are liar
- Not every successful celebrity is in the "Illuminati"
- Not all rich kids are spoilt
- Not all girls have sex to buy their expensive stuffs
-Not every Nigerian teenager is rude
-Some of the girls you danced with at the club are Virgins.
-Some of the girls in your church have had sex.
Never use the action of a group of people to Judge an entire race, country or establishment,be real even to yourself. infinity bridesmaid dress