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Mending Her Heart..Ended ? ?
Madeline POV:
I was staring at myself in the mirror when the door of my room opened and Sara Rodriguez sauntered inside wearing red dress.
Her hair was left open in beachy waves resting on one side of her shoulder.
"You are looking beautiful". I said to Sara.
At my compliments her red painted lips twitched in a beautiful smile.
"Thank you, Madeline. But I can't compete with the bride. You are looking gorgeous. When Brandon will see you in this dress I am sure he would decide to leave for honeymoon right away rather than entertaining all five hundred close friends and family you both have invited on your wedding". She said walking towards me and setting the skirt of my wedding dress.
I blushed at her comment.
Brandon and I have not seen each other for two days and my mother has pretty much band him from seeing me before wedding day.
She has this theory that the distance will make us realize how much we need each other and how much our decision to get married is correct. It certainly has made me realize that I can't really live without this man anymore and getting married to him is the sanest decision I have ever made in my life.
"This dress really looks great on you. You have a great taste in fashion". Sara said looking at me with smile.
Sara said looking at me with smile
Madeline's Wedding Dress
The dress was mermaid style with high jeweled collar, sheer long sleeves and plunging V neckline. It has low cut back and the outline of the back was embellished with jewels.
I was wondering how this past month flew so rapidly. It still feels like it was yesterday when Brandon proposed me and I said yes to him.
Everything feels perfect today. Brandon and I invited Laura on our wedding but we are sure she is not going to come.
When we came back from Atlanta paternity test reports were waiting for us. I might feel selfish but I was glad when it turns out that Brandon is not the father of the baby growing inside Laura.
After the results Laura went quite, she asked for the lawyer and handed Brandon whatever money she stole from his company.
I didn't know that Brandon told everything to Paul and he demanded paternity test too.
To Brandon's utter disbelief it turns out that Paul also wasn't the father of Laura's baby.
Laura refuse to reveal who actually knocked her up and that made me suspicious.
I called her parents and convinced them to take Laura back in their wings. Now she's in rehab trying to get rid of the addiction of drugs.
Laura called me yesterday and asks me to forgive her. I couldn't forgive her for what she has done to me but I told her that with the time I might find it in my heart to forgive her so she still has a chance.
I felt the tapping at my shoulder and turned around to see Sebastian.
"Are you thinking of running away? My jet is ready; we can leave Boston and go far away from Brandon that is if you say yes". Sebastian said.
I chuckled at his poor humor.
"Sebastian I think you need to look around, there is other beautiful single women's here. You might find the one willing to go with you far away". I said eyeing Sara.
Sebastian eyes landed on Sara and he looked smitten.
I cleared my throat and he smirked.
"I think you are right. I should find someone that is not ready to get married yet". Sebastian said taking a step closer to Sara.
She glared at him and took the step back.
"Madeline I'm going out because I need to make sure everything is perfect before you come out". Sara said making her way out of the room.
"I think I have lost my charm after staying engaged to you for five years". Sebastian mumbled.
"She hates men like you". I told him.
He frowned and asked "What do you mean like me?"
"Players, like you. She knows everything about everyone including you and she hates man who takes new woman every night to bed". I said while spraying some perfume of which smells like vanilla and Jasmine.
Brandon loves this perfume.
"You know I don't take new woman to bed every night that's paparazzi who portrays me like some notorious playboy of New York". Sebastian said with the scowl on his face.
"She reads lots of magazines and believes that almost eighty percent things in them are right". I told him about Sara's view on magazine gossips.
A mischievous smile appeared on Sebastian face and I very well know it means trouble when he smiles like this.
"Sebastian stops smiling creepily! And if you do anything to ruin my day because of your bad humor remember that your d!ck is going to fall after I kick you". I threatened him.
His smile broadened and he started walking backward towards the door.
"I'm going to meet Brandon. See you in the wedding, ex fiancée". He said and left the room.
Milly decided to barge in the room with my son following behind her.
"Oh Bryan you are looking so handsome in tux". I said kneeling down and hugging my son.
"You are looking beautiful, Mommy". My son said then he wiggled out from the hug and pulled out a red rose from his pocket.
"Mom, this is for you". He said giving me the rose and a small envelope.
I took the rose and kissed him on his cheeks.
I opened the letter and read the note
I hope you have not changed your mind about getting married to me because I am waiting outside for you to come.
Your soon-to-be husband
"Tell your dad, his bride is coming". I said to Bryan.
He gave me the toothy smile and ran off.
I turned to Milly and shook my head at her. Her sweet eight months old daughter was placed on her hip while she was trying to apply lipstick.
I took June from her into my arms.
"Hello baby girl". I cooed the baby making her giggle.
When Milly was done applying her lipstick she turned to me.
"I came here to take you out. Your dad is waiting outside for you". Milly said taking June back in her arms.
My mom entered in the room with Elena and Alyssa.
"You are looking so beautiful". Elena and Alyssa said.
"Thank you". I replied to both with the smile.
"Let's go dear, we don't want Brandon barge in to check on you". My mom said making us all laugh.
Milly, Alyssa, Elena and my cousins were my bridesmaids.
Pulling my skirt up to my feet I made my way outside where my dad was waiting for me.
When my dad saw me he kissed me on the center of my forehead.
"You're looking gorgeous, dear". My dad said.
His eyes were little teary so we're mine.
"If he do anything wrong, inform me and I'll break his legs". My dad said.
"Gabriel!" My mom said in horror and slapped his arm.
"Dad, you know he is great guy and loves me". I said.
"That I know". Dad said rubbing his arm where my mom hit him.
Then taking a deep breath I took my dad's arm and walked down the aisle.
Everyone stood up while Mia was spreading flowers on the way.
The song of Ed Sheeran perfect was playing in the background.
My eyes moved up to Brandon who was standing there dressed in black tux and his mouth was hanging open. Noah, Jake, Sebastian and Mac were groomsmen standing behind Brandon and smiling like idiots.

Brandon's Tuxedo
He was staring at me with so much love in his eyes that I once again fell in love with him that moment.
When we reached where Brandon was standing, he took my hand and pulled me towards him.
Now he has a broad smile on his face.
Everyone around us faded for few moments and we were drowning in each other eyes, the two days of staying apart must have done something to my brain.
The priest cleared his throat making us snap out.
I blushed while Brandon just smiled.
Brandon didn't leave my hand instead he laced his fingers with mine and held my hand tightly until the priest announced us husband and wife.
"You may kiss the bride". The priest said.
Brandon didn't waste a second in pulling me towards him and kissing the hell out of me.
His one hand was wrapped around my waist while the other one was caressing my face.
I felt the rush of the kiss all the way down to my toes. His lips felt sweeter than ever. The guest was cheering but it all faded when his tongue traced my bottom lip. I gasped and he took the privilege to invade my mouth.
When we pulled from each other my mind was almost numb and I was glad his arm was still supporting from falling flat in front of everyone.
My parents and Brandon's parents took everyone towards the venue.
"You are looking ravishing". Brandon said kissing behind my ear.
I sucked in a breath and he smiled.
"Did you miss me in past two days?" Brandon asked me.
I decided to tease him.
"I was quite busy in past two days. I didn't even realize we were apart from each other". I said with the straight face.
Brandon face fell and he looked like puppy that was kicked out by his snooty owner. I couldn't help myself and laughed aloud.
"I will show you tonight how much I missed you". I whispered in his ear.
His eyes delighted. Then we made our way to the venue.
The picture session started and when Sebastian's turn came he stood beside me and Sara had to stand beside Brandon.
"Did I tell you how beautiful you look"? Sebastian asked.
I rolled my eyes at his antics.
"You are looking more beautiful than the day we got engage". Sebastian said.
Brandon jaw clenches at his stupid. He was deliberately trying to make Brandon jealous.
"Sebastian, come closer". I said.
He took the step forward and I kicked him where sun doesn't shine. He fell down on the floor cupping his family jewels and hissing in pain.
"I warned you". I said taking Brandon's arm and leaving him.
Elena's POV:
I was standing with Sara and laughing at what Madeline did to Sebastian.
"Would you mind giving me a hand?". Sebastian asked to Sara.
She glared at his hand then looked at me.
I shrugged my shoulders at her.
"That particular hand was just cupping something few minutes ago that I never want to touch in this lifetime". Sara said flipping her hair and walking away.
I was doubling over with laughter and catching others' attention.
Sebastian face was scarlet with embarrassment.
I held my hand out for him and helped him in standing up.
When he was on his feet I cleaned my hand with the wipes I had in my purse.
"Just a precaution". I mumbled.
Sebastian glared at me and I giggled.
"So Sara is your new target?". I asked him.
"Yes, she is my new target but the difficult one". He said.
"Try to be yourself rather than acting like a Playboy". I said to him.
He stared at me few seconds.
"Thanks. You think I have a chance with her". Sebastian asked.
"Definitely". I said.
Then his eyes landed on Sara and he left.
I took the glass of champagne and made my way towards the man who has decided to empty every bottle of alcohol available in the bar.
"Hi". I said.
"Hi princess". Jake replied in his husky voice.
My hands tightened around the glass I was holding.
I didn't know why but I have always loved it when he calls me princess.
My eyes searched his face to find any farces of old Jake. The one who would always laugh and made bad jokes to make everyone laugh around him.
I remember asking him why does he make people laugh and he said, it's better to make people laugh then make them cry.
The Jake I had crush on wasn't like this man who looked hollow from inside. The youthfulness of his age was hidden by the five o'clock shadow on his face. But he still looks as handsome as before, maybe even more. The fitted tux and lose tie around his neck making him look sexier than any other man in the wedding. I wish I had my camera with me and I could take his pictures. bridal gowns for wide shoulders
I know he came here because Brandon threatened that if he didn't come himself he will come to get him.
"How has been life in past six years?". I asked him.
"Cruel". He replied taking a sip of whiskey from his glass.
He didn't glance at me once and I knew why.
"You should start a new life". I said feeling my heart bleed at the pain on his face.
"It's not that easy, Elena". He said turning to face first time.
"It is not easy but you can try". I whispered.
"I don't want to try". Jake said downing the remaining whiskey in his glass.
He turned around to leave probably when Noah announced its bride and groom first dance.
Everyone stopped and stared at Brandon and Madeline swaying on Ed Sheeran song thinking out loud.
Jake was distracted at that moment staring at Brandon and Madeline.
I took that as a chance to stop him from leaving and took his hand in mine, lacing my fingers and gripping his hand.
6 hours ago
John Mary Umana
My eyes went back to Jake's face, his blue eyes were looking at Brandon and Madeline like he was lost in memories.
When Brandon and Madeline stopped dancing, Noah invited other guests to join them.
I saw my dad dragging mom to the dance floor and smiled.
Noah took Alyssa's hand and started swaying while she was blushing hard that even I could notice her red face from afar.
Then I felt the tug on my hand and realized Jake wants to leave.
"Will you dance with me? You can't say no to your princess". I said.
He shook his head at me with smile on his face.
"You are still as stubborn as you were six years ago". Jake said taking my hand and walking towards the dance floor.
When we were on dance floor I put my hands on his shoulder while he put his hands on my waist.
"You didn't change as well. You still haven't learned how to say no to me". I whispered in his ear.
He stared at my eyes for few seconds then cleared his throat.
We started to sway on the music enjoying the few moments with each other.
"Have you finally decided to come back to Boston?". I asked him.
"I am staying here for few months". Jake replied.
"Where are you staying?". I asked him.
"I'm staying at my parents house". Jake said.
Unintentionally his hand touched my bare back and butterflies exploded in my stomach.
He removed his hand before I could relish in the feeling of his hand.
"I'm sorry". Jake mumbled.
I felt stupid for not believing my twin brother when he said Jake doesn't have any idea that I have a crush on him. I guess he knows how to read people better than me.
"It's fine". I said taking a step closer to him and wrapping my arms around his neck.
Jake looked uncomfortable at our closeness and it hurts me to see him moving away from me.
"I think I should leave". He said.
I nodded my head then kissed his cheek, just like I used to do when I was kid and he would bring my favorite chocolates whenever he comes to meet Brandon.
Jake looked shock and somewhat flustered. But he decided to just leave without saying anything.
I was staring at the retreating figure of Jake when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Erin standing there with the silly grin on his face.
"May I have this dance". He said taking my hand and twirling me around.
"I don't like your stupid moves. Just keep swaying your body slowly". I said to my brother making him grin.
"I am not that bad dancer. My crush won't run off after having one dance with me". Erin said.
I glared at him.
"He was sad, Erin". I told him.
"You and I don't no how it feel when you lose the one you love". Erin said.
"I have eyes and I can see when someone is in pain". I said to him.
"I have eyes too and I suggest you stay away from him else you will end up like him, in pain". Erin said leaving me on the dance floor.
I moved away from the dance floor and started to think if Jake is worth of all the pain I will endure to make him mine.
( Jake is twenty-four and Elena is nineteen now)

Brandon's POV:
It was night and everyone was dancing again after dinner.
"I think we should leave". I whispered in Madeline's ear.
She giggled while looking at her parents, they were dancing gracefully.
Madeline has been drinking wine after dinner and now she was tipsy.
I called the waiter and asked him to bring some lemonade with extra lemons in it.
When the drink came I offered it to Madeline.
She took it and drank it then she made a weird face.
"Ugh! It has so much lemon juice in it". Madeline said.
"Yes because I told the waiter to squeeze some extra lemons in your lemonade". I said.
"Why would you do this with your wife?". She said glaring at me.
"You are tipsy and I don't want you to stay half drunk on our wedding night". I said.
"You are bad, Brandon. I'm going to punish you tonight". She said smashing her lips on mine.
In first time of life I wanted to pull away from the kiss.
"Ugh! I think they put too much lemon in your drink". I said.
She laughed at me.
I shook my head and stood up.
"Thank you for coming everyone. I enjoyed all of your company immensely but my wife and I would like to leave. But night isn't over yet so you all should stay and enjoy". I said making guest cheer.
"Let's go wife". I said picking up Madeline in bridal style.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and waved at the guests.
"I love it when you are like this". I mumbled.
"You love it when I'm tipsy?". She asked with frown.
"No, I love it when you giggle and laugh". I said kissing her lips.
We made our out where limousine was waiting to take us to our new house.
We both got inside the limousine and closed the door.
Madeline smiled at me then placed her head on my lap.
"You are the best husband in the world". Madeline said.
I laughed at her.
"It has been hardly five hours. How can you say I am the best husband in the world?". I said.
She glared at me.
"You are going to be the best husband and I know this". She said.
"Okay then let me tell you, you are the best wife in this world too". I said pecking her lips.
"I know I'm the best wife". She mumbled falling asleep on my lap.
I smiled staring at the sleeping form of her.
After forty-five minutes of ride we finally arrived at the house and I picked Madeline in my arms instead of waking her up.
James opened the house for me and I thanked him.
With Madeline in my arms I made my way upstairs to our bedroom and put Madeline on bed.
I decided to remove my clothes to take shower when Madeline woke up.
"Getting undress without my help on our wedding night". She said looking at my half open shirt.
"You were sleeping". I said.
"Now I am awake". She said getting up from the bed and making her way towards me.
Then she took the hold of buttons of my shirt and slowly opened them.
I gulped when her eyes connected with mine.
"Have you done something? Why does your chest look so sexy tonight?". She said running her finger up and down on my bare chest making me shudder.
"No, Madeline. I have done nothing to make it look sexy". I said taking hold of her torturous hand.
She smiled at me innocently and turned her back at me.
"Will you please open the zipper of my dress?". She asked me.
I gulped and took the hold of her dress zipper then moved it downwards.
Her dress pooled down on the floor and I sucked in a breath when she turned towards me.
"You are going to be the death of me, Madeline". I said staring at her dressed in nothing but skimpy white color see through lingerie with garter belt.
She rolled her eyes and took the step closer to me.
"Dear husband, you can tell me how sexy I look or that you want to take me to the bed right away". She said in my ear.
"Or maybe I shouldn't waste time in telling you how sexy you look. I should take you to the bed right away". I said picking her up and throwing her at my shoulder.
She yelped at my actions and I laughed.
I laid her down on the bed then got rid of my pants.
"You are the most beautiful woman in this world". I said getting on the bed.
"I don't believe you. Convince me that I am the most beautiful woman in this world". Madeline said pulling on down on her body.
"Your wish is my command". I said placing an open mouth kiss on her neck.
She sucked in a breath.
I made my way down to her navel while living kissing on the way.
Her eyes were closed.
When I kissed the scar her hands went to my hair and gripped them.
I moved up and whispered in her ear.
"I love you, Madeline". I said.
"I love you too, Brandon". She said kissing on my collarbone.
We were breathing hard.
Although, we have had sex before this time everything feels different.
I felt like it was first time I am going to touch her make her mine.
Her smooth caressing on my shoulder and back were sending shivers down to my spine.
My hand moved behind her neck and I planted my lips on her.
I kissed her, trying to pour all the love I was feeling for her at that moment.
Her mouth greedily kissed me back, her hand pressed my mouth closer to her making me smile.
My hand slowly moved down and I ran my fingers on her inner thighs making her gasp.
The kiss deepen and my hand moved up towards the back where I unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it off.
She broke the kiss and threw it away.
"You mouth have some talent in distracting me". She said breathless.
"My mouth have other talents that I am going to show you tonight". I said.
"Then talk less, Mr. Brandon Edwards". She said planting her lips on mine again.
The whole night I showed to her what talents my mouth has while she keeps amusing me by new reactions on my each and every talent.
If being married to Madeline means my nights and days will be so eventful then I'll marry her again hundred times.
The end
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