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From the note book of Olive
February 11th 2017.
Daniel: 9-10
To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against Him.
We have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God to walk in His Laws which He set before us by His servants the prophets!
This evening I was watching a program,
"The Messy Truth" on CNN. With Van Jones.
A good title, because they sure were messing with the truth.
This was discussing President Trump's ban on Muslims coming into the country!
His guest was
Bill Maher. A comedian.
A black pastor asked the question regarding a terrorist incident. I cant rem his words exactly but he asked should not people coming into the country's where it is known there are terrorists! be under scrutiny?
Somehow religion came into the conversation.
Bill Maher was "proud" to let it be known, he was an atheist, not, one of those crazy christians! As far as he was concerned, religion is for the birds. (My words) He did not know the difference between Religion and Christianity. The difference is huge!
As he talked I thought to myself, no wonder the world is in such a state of confusion!
It saddened me that People, are subject to garbage like this, mostly by their own choice.
Scripture was jumping off the pages of the bible at me.
Men will not endure sound doctrine.
Seemingly Intelligent people today who talk like this, are so dumb!
They deem themselves independent, they do not "need God" they have all the answers! They do not believe in a devil. So they say he doesn't exist!
BUT. They are being USED by the Devil and have not the intelligence to know it! they think they are so smart!
They have to answer to this God they reject, and then they will see how stupid they were. Bill Maher wont be very funny then. He wont have an audience laughing at his stupid remarks! but when they see the Lord Jesus, coming in the air. he may have an audience blaming him, for how they were influenced by him.
I know things in our world have changed since I was young. Empty churches, disregard for God, shows this.
No wonder the president of the USA is being fought against. People are really fighting against the God and principles He stands for! Unless God himself intervenes, he does not stand a chance of a snowball in a furnace. It angers me with righteous anger, to see a bunch of men, dressed up supposedly intelligent, acting like a group of total idiots, laughing at the christian ideas of those trying to lead the USA. black colored items to wear of the cocktail occasions
To watch the audience lap it up like a kitten laps milk, make me sick to my stomach!
Is that the best programs the news media can air? I might be in jail tomorrow for speaking my mind. But if I am praise the Lord! "There is a God!" And I am thankful He is my personal saviour. I feel for a world that does not recognize Him. They have so much to lose.
Pray for the president of the USA. Pray that he and his cabinet will have strength to endure!
Written by Olive Berkshire Powell.