DressAfford semi formal occasion outfits for juniors teenager

Zingers from "Dangerous" by MILO (Milo Yiannopoulos):

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Sometimes people don't understand just how loopy college campuses are. So let me tell you ...
"Cultural appropriation" is the buzzword the Left currently uses to torment people it accuses of disrespecting other cultures. White girls wearing dreadlocks or hoop earrings are a particularly popular target, as are Halloween parties, where ponchos mean peril and you can be scalped for wearing a headdress.
Few things betray the shortsighted, joyless, anti-human stupidity of the Left as much as cultural appropriation. Virtually every book, film, play, video game, and work of art is the result of a long history of cultural appropriation. ?

UC Irvine CA: administrators allowed our event to proceed. ?? After I left, the College Republicans group was slapped with a one year ban by the University for having the temerity to invite me back.

University of Alabama: administrators hit my student hosts with a $7,000 security fee at the last minute. [This was reversed after local media and lawyers applied pressure.]

Other universities tried similarly slimy methods. (Universities of Miami, Maryland)

[Milo gets a second tour bus for himself.] Anita the Fag Bus was soon spotted on dozens of college campuses ...
Many was the time in Texas we were stopped by a burly, aviator-clad biker or a cowboy hat-wearing pickup truck driver for autographs, even when I toppled out into a truck stop wearing a silk robe or dress. Exactly the sort of people that Democrats call bigots and homophobes were stopping by the Dangerous Faggot's bus to get his autograph. DressAfford semi formal occasion outfits for juniors teenager