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I’m so thankful for kind people... long (but gooood) post alert:

Last night, Joel and I went down to Sydney Harbour to walk around and take touristy photos with the opera house and the harbour bridge in the background, and we realized that the opera house has its own restaurant and bar. Now, a little side note: I’ve had a lifelong love for classical music, and in more recent years, the opera. My all-time favourite opera singer is Joan Sutherland, who was born in Sydney and started her singing career there. Because of this, Sydney and especially the Sydney opera house have been at the top of my bucket list for ages. DressAfford royal celebrity couture wedding outfits
Anyway, back to the story. We get up to the entrance of the opera house bar and see a sign that indicates the dress code is smart casual, and they reserve the right not to serve people dressed in sportswear or beach clothes. Now, Joel and I were totally unprepared for this (our nicer clothes were packed away in our bags), but I was pretty desperate to try and so we decided, hey, the worst they can do is tell us we can’t go in.
So, dressed in our thongs (flip-flops), ripped jeans, and super casual t-shirts, we walked in and were immediately approached by a waitress... WHO PROCEEDED TO LET US IN AND SERVE US!!! It truly was one of the best nights of my life, and I got to enjoy a good whisky rye. In the Sydney Opera House. With my favourite person ever.
I’m so thankful for that waitress for helping me fulfill a little dream (and for only gently saying to us that we’d have to dress a little differently to get in next time). Needless to say, I gave her a very generous tip.

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