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True Sisterhood? Fucking proof it!

I posted a photo the other day of me and a girlfriend of mine; we were all dressed up and feeling sexy.

The message attached to the photo was related to our personal journey of overcoming our insecurities and finding the beauty in our uniqueness. I was shocked at how many women showed up to tell us we were too thin, too sensual...not “conscious” enough (whatever the fuck that even means)- turns out we weren’t crunchy looking enough to be talking about body image, women’s empowerment, and self-love. And it doesn’t stop there! From my experience, if you’re burning brightly in any area, there’s likely a jealous woman around the corner that’s waiting to throw an overflowing bucket of shame on you. DressAfford poofy style dresses for prom party

Stop it!! Right now, just stop it. We need our sisters and somewhere deep in your soul you know that. I don’t know what happened to us, but it’s time to look at it and choose something that serves us. We are powerful when we stand together! It’s time to stop using our magic to harm each other.

You say you want true sisterhood? Do you stand for a world where your sisters feel safe to embrace their sexuality? You want to have women in your life that really have your back and stand with you in celebration of your power instead of competing with you?

Fucking prove it!!!!

Next time you find yourself judging one of your sisters for the clothing she wears or the truth she speaks or how she speaks it, check yourself!

This is a public shout-out to all the women who are brave enough to own their magic! The wild women gently speaking positive affirmations and feisty ones cussing like sailors in defense of our rights. The Barefoot Goddesses kissing the earth with their feet and the badasses in hooker boots kicking ass and creating change. I stand with you...all of you! Because the last time I checked, strength, empowerment, and magic speak in energy and woke (enlightened badassery) doesn’t have a dress code.

Author and picture : Brooke Hampton
Barefoot Five ♥️