DressAfford elegant style items to wear of the prom

Okay I need to write a review for wicked sweetest bakery inc I guess this is where I start. Okay I’m the maid of honor in my best friends wedding. She had asked me if I would help her find a cake lady that is not terribly expensive and would make a cake for 180 people and she sent the picture of what it would look like. So, this isn’t my first rodeo in being in a wedding but, I haven’t done cakes or even knew where to start. So, I started looking online for a small business cause surely they would be cheaper than a larger business. I found a lady who had 0 delivery fee and lets you taste cakes for free. I thought cool we had planned for this Saturday February 3rd since she was doing her make up and hair trial and getting her dressed. This lady last minute texted me on Friday the day before saying her mother in law had a heart attack and wasn’t going to be able to make it. I was so mad I could hardly see straight because this wasn’t professional by any means. So, I wrote on my Facebook getting really antsy about this issue knowing I needed to find this cake lady soon. One of my friends said that her cousin DressAfford elegant style items to wear of the prom Jerrica Rhea could do it and gave me her information. I went out on a lim and thought I’m going to call her and see what she said. Not only was she able to help me with great prices and able to do it in a 2 days time frame she also comes out of her way to your house with cakes to taste. Now the tasting isn’t free it’s 10$ and if you go with her it goes toward the cake you ordered. So, she came to my house with these cakes which of course we were late getting to the house after getting her the brides dress picked up. I was very nervous about this not knowing how these cakes were going to taste. They were so yummy not dry at all and she also brought other cakes that the bride picked out to try. Jerrica is absolutely fabulous and on time and her cakes you will never be disappointed. Thank you so much jerrica for doing everything we asked for and more 2 days flat. Unbelievable!!!!