Dress Affordable silver colored items to wear of the evening

Project Rags to Riches is a Local Registered
NPO that was started almost 3 years ago and
has dressed close to 100 people. This NPO does
not recieve any funding and does rely on the
support of community. We dress
underpriveleged girls/ladies and boys/
gentleman for Special Occasions ranging from:
* Gr7 & Matric Farewells
*Brides & Grooms
* Bridesmaids & Bestmen
* Mother of Bŕide/Groom
We dress from head to toe outfit,
shoes,jewellery to hair&makeup and
We started this NPO as we saw the need in the
community for something like this. The people
we help truly cant afford to buy/hire an
outfit. We just feel that everybody deserves
to feel special even just for one night
regardless of their financial statues..
We dont just hand the indivdual an outfit and
leave it at that we try make it as speciàl as
we can. while dressing some girls we realised
some of these girls dont know the basics of
hygiene so we give them guidence and talķ to
the girls about the importance of hygiene,we
have had quite a few girls come to us that
dònt even own a bra so we have collected and
handed bras out to the girls needing it. we
instore self respect, worth and confidence in
these young ladies. we also add a bottle of
perfume to each girl that Perfume Den
We only started our male section as there is
boys/gentz needing our help aswell we dont
have much as of yet.
we have had grooms to be cry by us as they
cant give their wife to be a wedding due țo
finańces so we do dress brides and doll them
up and put the groom in a suit. we also help do
the decor for reception. alot of couplès we help Dress Affordable silver colored items to wear of the evening
cant afford a wedding so we arrange for
them to hãve a church ceremony & photoshoot
creating a memory. we just feel that
regardless of financial statues every
bride&groom should feel just that ♡
2018 Aim
we will be starting up a sewing lesson soon to
those who are underprivelged or cant work but
has a family to care for. by learning to sew
they can go make a living for themselves.
We also will be approaching poor community
schools offering to help do decor for
farewells. many children cànt afford to ğo to
the farewells as we have witnessed last year
we were suppose to dress 20 girls but only
dressed 16. 4 of the girls could not attend due
to not being able to pay the fee, by helping
with decor will lower the farewell costs.
We also work with Social workers so when
reiciving clothing,furniture donations we give
it to them to distrubute to the needy..
we also do other projects but the whole àim of
our NPO is to màke sure the individual we
dress feel special, we cant take them out of
poverty or change their situation but we can
give them a special memory that they will
never forget and make them feel Special
Beautiful and give them their dignity back.
for us just the Smile and Hugs we recieve
makes it all worth it..
Thank you
199 - 250 NPO
You can find us on fb
our page @projectragstorichesNPO