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At the end of the day when your bride smiles!!!! How beautiful!!!

So grateful to share in this beautiful union!


Carla Lucille January 9 at 4:07pm · Baytown, TX ·

We have finally had time to rest from this past weekend and wanted to take some time to thank the family, friends and vendors that helped our wedding be the best night of our lives. Thank you Sonya Clay-Lewis for my beautiful and AFFORDABLE flower arrangements and centerpieces. You went above and beyond what i asked for. I gave u my vision and made it 10xs better. Grammy Cake Tori u were God sent, and the cakes we delicious! Step and repeat thank u for being able to accommodate us at the last minute with the red carpet. It was a hit. Robyn Tolliver my MUA who did my bridesmaids and mothers makeup, they were FLAWLESS! Messiah Marcial ? ? , i love u! You are so good at what u do. MUA and hairstylist! U calmed me when i cried and made laugh when i became overwhelmed. 2 hairstyle and 2 makeup changes! U R THE BOMB.COM ! My church family ? # TheLukeHumble our officiant, Rev Anthony L Riley and keyboardist Chadwick Brawley (even though i didnt see u) thank u for a heartfelt service. Ms. Carolyn F. Brooks was my angel sent straight from heaven. She did alterations for my bridal shower dress, wedding dress, my husband's (i like saying that) jacket &shirt, my mom's dress AND she made my bridal jewelry AND took a pearl necklace my mom gave her, shortened it and made me a bracelet and lovely earrings! GOD IS GOOD! Jordan Wilcots danced so BEAUTIFULLY! Rendell and i loved every moment of the dance. I ? like a baby the whole time. Nyles Judah my beautiful soloist, thank u for the song! Marietta Marcial-Hamilton thank u sis for hosting/emceeing our reception. U kept the party going! Our DJ Cruzian kept us dancing all night long! Damon A Redding our photographer who was so accommodating and patient with us. You have an awesome eye for what u do and are so creative. Ur wife/my friend Vivi Davita Parrish Redding i love u. Our caterers Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill Janay, you are so awesome and the food was DELICIOUS! # KosmetikHairsalon Mika Bee for making my 1st sew-in so fun. U had me looking right girl. Leigha Burgs for calming the groom while shaving him. He wanted u to know, u were right. My 2 wonderful coordinators Valonia Walker and Carla Chalk (#2) . I dont think there are words to describe the gratitude we have for you. Yall were there to help with bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding. You were there early and stayed late. You did EVERYTHING (including deal with an anxious groom) with love and a smile on ur face. Valonia, the day of the wedding drove me around Sugar Land getting last-minute things and kept me from having an anxiety attack! We love u both and thank u so very much. My family that came in from Ohio, S. Carolina ane Washington, my heart was overjoyed especially to have my bro and sisters Dress Affordable romantic bohemian style wedding wears Gerrett Anderson Kendra Anderson Loretta Taylor there for me. Mary Lucille Raymond Lucille Mary Massicot Rose Orange and Fred Lucille thank you for your help with EVERYTHING! There wouldnt have been a wedding without ur help. Shari Quattlebaum Jean Wahl every time i got overwhelmed thru this whole process u calmed me. U made me remember that i was marrying my love and bf. Now our # bridalsquad Denise Mims Unika Hines Brown Jean Wahl Rose Lucille, Merle Moore, Charla Peterson ? (thank u for keeping me focus), Denise Washington (despite ur ? u wer e there for me), Abrien West, Fred Lucille, Simon Massicot, Claude Nim Will Moore, Chris Moore, Dwayne Martin , Messiah Marcial (double duty) and Adom Lucille, thank you for standing with us and celebrating our love. Melvin Roy Watson my love, my heartbeat! Thank u for ALWAYS loving me and now sharing me so freely. Papi and I want to say we love u with every fiber of our being. Thank for "giving me away". Thank u to our friends and family that came out to celebrate our love!