Dress Affordable mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids

I look at 2018 like 1918. Ain't shit changed. You are slave. You going to always be a slave. You think by fucking a white woman makes you free? You think by marrying a white man.....gives you social powers? Ha!!! As long as you are in America....you gone always be a slave. A slave with temporary privileges. Oh...you can buy a car. You can buy a home. You can buy you jewels and all the bundles you can afford. Yet..... majority...work for corporate America. Once they give you that pink slip....watcha gonna do? Even why you there....you working like a slave. They pay you like one too. Pay you 75% if you male and 42% if you female. They don't even see full value in you as a human being!!!! That's blatantly obvious. Your own boss....is looking at you as less than him...so he's going to pay you off your ethnicity. But you can't say shit because you don't have a business mindset of your own . So you ACCEPT the low paying wage. LMAO. It's on the application!!! Dress Affordable mismatched convertible wears for bridesmaids

You all even dress like slaves. Torn jeans. Holey shirts. Walking around like you just escapes captivity. Then you all call each other niggas. It's the norm. Nigga this and nigga that. Live like animals. Kill each other like we hunt'n for prey. Then you all wanna come together when a corporation calls you a ? . Seriously!!! You "peacefully" protest when a police officer shoots a child. Ain't nobody angry. Ain't nobody tired. Ain't nobody fedup. People ....black people are accepting a hateful lifestyle. Annnd every year...y'all screaming Happy New Year. Seems to be.....y'all enjoy living in hell