Dress Affordable cocktail collections of lace

Modest Bravura Prom Queen Contest!!!

Are you a young lady or do you know a young lady that excels in school, and her community? Modest Bravura is presenting its second Prom Queen contest!!!

Winner receives:
Dress made by Modest Bravura
$50 gift card to Aldo,Hair, Makeup application,
Gift card for $35 to get Nails done

Female High School Senior *GPA of 2.5 or Higher *1 letter of recommendation *Submit 150-300 word essay on your dreams/ aspirations after High School OR a poem about confidence and beauty Dress Affordable cocktail collections of lace
*Submit 1 Head shot

Submit all entries to Modestbravura@gmail.com
Deadline to enter February 28, 2018
Winner will be announced March 5, 2018